Rising Damp in London

Rising Damp is a term used for the slow movement of moisture in the lower walls and ground support structures in a building. This problem is caused by the capillary action of water moving through materials. Rising damp can go up to 5 meters in height but most commonly it will rise about 1.5 meters. Normally rising damp will occur when ground water travels upwards through porous building materials such as brick, sandstone or mortar. The capillary effect is very similar to how a wick works.

One of the features of rising damp that can be easily seen is the “tide mark” caused by the soluble salts contained in the water leaving the “mark” on the walls.

Rising damp is not a new problem, in fact because of the health problems that mold can bring to buildings the Public Health Act of 1875 included a requirement to damp proof walls. What has changed is that today with modern techniques we can actually solve the problem.

Damp Company expert technicians can assess your root problems and put in place a solution that will last decades, not just a few years, the will leave you home or building free of dampness and mold.